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Cloud Foundry 2017
25-26 October 2017
Microsoft South Africa (Johannesburg)
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What is cloud foundry ?

Cloud Foundry is an open, informal, unopinionated, collaborative workshop for e-Infrastructure Engineers to relate their experience in building the next platform for e-Science.

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Are you in a support, development or engineering role ? Do you care about the sustainability of research platforms ? Are you grappling with how to support large or diverse research communities ? Are your users pushing for elastic, novel, or on-demand resources ? Are you ecstatic about new container and cloud platforms; or do you feel a nagging skepticism about them ? Do you want to tell the world how great X is ? Do you want to gripe about how everyone is doing Y wrong ? Then Cloud Foundry is for you.

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General workshop information

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  • background to the event


    The workshop will focus on themes and experience in building e-Infrastructure. Short presentations by members of the community on specific topics or tools, as well as discussion sessions will be held.

  • Workshop agenda details

    Registration and Agenda

    Registration is free of charge - just fill in the form and attend. Registration, submission and the agenda are handled by Indico. The link below will take you to the event page. The agenda is under preparation

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  • Venue information


    The event is hosted by Microsoft South Africa, at their Bryanston campus. Click below for more details.

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    Have a Question? Come to the forum to discuss anything related to the event, themes or other.

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